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Whoaaaaa - close your eyes!!

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Nothing Jun. 2nd, 2005 @ 11:24 pm
You people are so bloody demanding - look, there's no need to know what has happened in my life since my last entry. Read the one below again if you must.....

Me and lots of people Jun. 2nd, 2005 @ 04:36 pm
Yes, that's right - me and lots of people. Should it not be 'lots of people and i'? Well, who cares - i certainly don't.

I can tell that you are sitting there thinking that this person has gone mad (i.e me). Well, yes, that happened long ago - and now i don't care for much. Except for Jaffa Cakes that is.

Randomness - Vodka - Tiny Animals that don't bite.

They are all you need my friend. Nothing more - for the world is now yours, shared with others.


Not that much to report in France May. 20th, 2005 @ 01:49 pm
Yep, France is pretty quiet at the moment. But, given that i'm currently in London, that is hardly surprising.

K2 - M2 - coincidence? I think not.

13:49 - Sitting.


My first ever entry......ohhh, how exciting May. 16th, 2005 @ 02:48 pm
Well, this is Livejournal ehh? *looks around a bit as if to take in a huge building such as a cathedral* - Impressive. Not my taste in wallpaper, but there's no pleasing some people. However, there must be someone who is easy to please. If you are one of these people, contact me now. RIGHT NOW!

People i know tend to know me also - it's a two-way thing.

I have set up this on-line journal because i have some rather lovely, yet insistent, acquaintances who felt i should do so. And so in true journal form, i shall tell you what i did today:

8:00 - Sneezed in my sleep causing me to wake up, look around a bit and go back to sleep.
8:15 - My alarm went off. In response, i gently, yet lovingly, stroked the "snooze" button; once again, the friendship between me and my alarm was resolved.
8:20 - My alarm got shirty. I felt that it was trying to tell me something so i got up and made a noise similar to that of a peach when squeezed very tightly.
8:22 - Brushed my teeth and expelled some urine, minding carefully not to get it all over the toilet seat.
8:23 - After having cleaned the toilet seat due to my poor aiming skills i went back to my room and admired my red pants lying on the floor.
8:24 - Having dispensed of my floor resident (the pants) into the washing basket, i promptly decided not to wear my "I love Westlife" t-shirt and opted for a brown shirt instead. Checked my emails.
8:32 - Put toast on.
8:33 - Forgot toast was on.
8:41 - Collected my burnt toast from the grill.
8:49 - Came back into my room after having to evacuate the building with the fire alarm set off my the above mentioned food item.
8:59 - Finished painting my pet monkey.
9:16 - Packed my bag and left for university - admiring the three prostitutes outside the building from the night before; still very much drunk.
10:00 - Started my exam (M1GLA).
10:33 - Still doing my exam......
11:14 - Starting question 4 now. Damn it - how do you find the inverse of a 3x3 matrix? Oh well, go onto question 5....
12:00 - Sexy irish guy says stop writing, so i do.
12:15 - Leave college fully smiling. Went to boots and bought me some interesting items of sanitary usage.
13:00 - Made lunch of chicken and bread with smilies (yum).
14:48 - Started writing this journal.

There you go. Happy now? I do hope so. If not, i would be willing to supply you with items that may make you happy, including the box set of Peter Kay - it's not mine, so you can keep it as long as you wish.

Happy reading,

Rob xx
Current Mood: artistic
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